Milli Consulting is an Italian consulting society that provides technical services for Infrastructures and Energies: Renewables, Waste-to-energy, Power, Oil and Gas plants, such as:

  • Management of customer’s order and supply;
  • Post order activities including inspection coordination and expediting coordination;
  • Inspections, surveillance and quality control activities c/o workshop and/or Plant site according to international regulations and project specifications;
  • Expediting according to the client’s contractual requests:
    – desk expediting;
    – workshop progress analysis, monitoring of assembly, welding, fabrication activities;
    – field progress analysis, monitoring of erection and construction activities.
  • Review and approval of Quality Procedures.
  • About us

    The company was founded in 2012 out of the decades of experience of its founders.

    M.C. operates within its Quality Management System, accredited ISO 9001: 2015, for the following fields of activities:

    Provision of Inspection service, Testing, Quality Control, Expediting and production Monitoring at suppliers for Third party.

    M.C. engages a multidisciplinary team of qualified and ever-growing professionals, operating both nationally and internationally.


    operative email:
    mobile: +39 3496004267
    fax: +391782706258


    Milli Consulting
    Via San Pio X, 44
    31056 Roncade (TV)- Italy
    P.iva e C.F. 04515850263